Energy Management

Energy Efficiency is not a one-time job. Continuous energy management only can ensure an effective and energy-efficient operation of your production or service facility. Having a well-defined energy policy at corporate level, is the first significant step towards achieving long-term goals of energy management in the industry.  A corporate level energy policy would give objectivity, purpose and motivation to all the efforts made throughout the organisation in improving energy efficiency and managing best end-use of energy.

EEC has trained professionals on Energy Management and Energy Management Systems like ISO 50001 that can support your company in establishing an effective Energy Management Cell and develop an Energy Management System. Please, feel free to contact us via telephone or the request form.

Benefits of energy management

All energy intensive industries In Nepal should have a dedicated energy management cell with an 'Energy Manager' who will be responsible for overseeing its operations. The energy management cell should provide necessary structure and formalise the process of energy conservation thereby enhancing its efficacy with full support from top management.  Besides energy manager, the cell should also have skilled persons in different disciplines.  The cell should interact with manufacturing and other divisions like production, engineering, maintenance, utilities, and even finance.  

This will help in carrying out its activities like planned internal and external energy audits, conceptualisation and implementation of projects in close coordination with respective departments/divisions, carrying out educational campaigns etc.  Thus, the cell will become the focal point for effective energy management in the plant.  This dedicated working will also bring to the fore the energy issues in the minds of personnel working in different areas and will influence their decision-making.

International Management Systems like ISO 50001 can help your organization to institutionalize energy management and at the same time improve your customer relations and gain international recognition.

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